Permanent Press-Fit Board-to-Board Connector

Peiting, January 2015
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ept is introducing a new board-to-board connector range based on the press-fit system: flexilinkb-t-b connectors provide high-quality, non-pluggable connections between PCBs at a pitch of 2.54 mm, making use of the successful 'Tcom press' press-fit system. The advantages of this are evident - a reliable mechanical as well as electrical board-to-board connection is created using just a single part. There is no need for any spacers, which not only saves on PCB real estate but also reduces costs. Developers are free to pick board-to-board distances ranging from 5 to 25 mm. The connector provides 1 to 3 rows with a versatile 2 to 90 contacts each. The flexilinkb-t-b board-to-board connectors provide excellent stability when deployed in environments subject to mechanical stresses such as shocks and vibration, in addition to offering high flexibility. One of the best uses for flexilinkb-t-b connectors is right at the end of the assembly sequence - attaching the modules to the base PCBs easily and without requiring any soldering.

Key Features:

  • reliable mechanical and electrical connection
  • space & cost saving
  • only one element for one connection
  • individual board-to-board distance possible
  • press-fit zone Tcom press®

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