ept GmbH Receives an Award from Continental AG

Prague/Peiting/Augsburg/Halblech-Buching, August 2014
Thomas Guglhör, President of ept GmbH, with the award from Continental AG

Ept GmbH received a ‘best supplier’ award from the Continental Automotive Group for its outstanding achievements in the area of ‘electromechanics/plastic-mechatronics.’ The award was presented to Thomas Guglhör, President of ept GmbH, by Dr. E. Degenhard, CEO of Continental AG, on 17 July 2014 during a suppliers conference in Prague. As the world’s largest automotive supplier, Continental AG works with thousands of suppliers across a broad range of manufacturing fields. Around 900 of these are treated as strategic suppliers. And the top 16 in 2013 were presented with the Supplier Award.ept GmbH is a producer and supplier of electrical connectors and contact elements. It is based in Peiting (Weilheim-Schongau district), and has additional plants in Halblech-Buching (Ostallgäu district) and Augsburg. In recent years, the medium-sized company has enlarged its original portfolio of standardized connectors to play a permanent role on the market as a supplier of electrical connectors for electronic control units in automobiles (for example, ABS/ESP, airbag controllers, engine control units, and more). Today, its clientele includes a large number of automotive electronics manufacturers.In order to assess the performance of its strategic partners and determine who should receive the awards, the Continental Automotive Group conducts a comprehensive analysis every year. In the process, each supplier is assessed based on predefined criteria with regard to quality, technology, logistics, and price. “It’s a detailed, time-consuming assessment process, but it’s worth the effort.” The Supplier Award has developed into a prestigious distinction known throughout the industry that drives our suppliers to excel,” says Günter Fella, Senior Vice President of Purchasing and Logistics at Continental Automotive.“We view the Supplier Award as an outstanding confirmation that we’ve chosen the right path by holding ourselves to the highest quality standards and focusing consistently on customer requirements and customer satisfaction. These guidelines serve as a basis for our continued growth, especially in Asia and North America, but certainly in Europe as well. And when we speak of Europe, we mean our existing plants in Peiting, Buching, and Augsburg, as well as the plant in the Czech Republic, where we plan to continue investing and creating jobs,” says Thomas Guglhör, President of ept.