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Exceptional variability with the HighSpeed connector Zero8

The Zero8 board-to-board connectors with ScaleX connection technology
The Zero8 board-to-board connectors with ScaleX connection technology
The advantage of a shielded connector
Shielding protects the connector from electromagnetic interference. But that’s not all: the shielding also protects the adjacent components if the connecter becomes a source of interference.
The high-speed Zero8 connectors featuring ScaleX technology will be available in different heights, as well as shielded and unshielded designs, following electronica in November 2020. Both plug and socket will be available in low and mid heights, and there is also an optional shielding concept for optimum protection against electromagnetic interference. The different heights can be freely combined, allowing Zero8 connectors to achieve board-to-board distances of 6 mm to 20 mm. This means that the Zero8 connector system gives developers the highest degree of versatility when it comes to designing PCB connections.

What is the advantage of a shielded connector? EMC shielding protects the signals from external influences. This is of utmost importance for applications in industrial environments with large amounts electromagnetic interference. Even strains such as shock and vibration do not affect the signal processing due to the Zero8’s double-sided connection concept – the signal arrives at the receiver at a speed of up to 16 Gbps in perfect quality. But that’s not all: adjacent components are also protected since the connector cannot act as a source of interference. Simulations with the Zero8 connector system at 16 Gbps demonstrate first-rate signal integrity.

This high data transfer rate quality results from both the material properties and the optimized contact geometry of the connector. The new contact geometry means it’s virtually impossible to damage the contacts. Developing a protected contacting to make processing and handling the connector easier was of the utmost importance.
Free samples of all variants can be requested at electronica 2020.

You can find more information at www.ept.de/Zero8 from November

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