ept Has Been Chosen as Innovator of the Year!

Readers of the DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK magazine were impressed by the new ScaleX technology

The Award Winners
Left to right: Markus Sonderer (Phoenix Contact), Claus Guglhör (ept GmbH) receive the prize from Ralf Higgelke (Design&Elektronik)
The coveted ‘Innovator of the Year’ trophy
Zero8 connectors connect PCBs
The Zero8 connectors with ScaleX technology guarantee maximum flexibility in hardware development and safe operation
Together with Phoenix Contact, ept was chosen as ‘Innovator of the Year’ in the electromechanics category for its ScaleX technology used in the new Zero8 connectors. The DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK glass trophy was handed over by the magazine’s editor, Ralf Higgelke, to Claus Guglhör from ept, who was beaming with joy, and Markus Sonderer from Phoenix Contact during the awards ceremony that took place at the Seehaus restaurant in the English Garden in Munich, Germany.

Both companies received the award for their joint development of the ScaleX technology used in the Zero8 SMT connectors. These PCB connectors feature a new type of contact system that fulfills the high safety requirements of industrial PCB connections, even with data transfer rates of up to 16 Gbps.
The ScaleX technology of the double-sided contacts ensures a long-time stable electromechanical connection, even when subjected to strains such as shock or vibration. At the same time, the concept allows a high tolerance for connectors that are positioned differently due to assembly-related reasons.

The wealth of variants of the Zero8 connector family ensures maximum flexibility for developers: The SMT connector is available with the pin counts 12, 20, 32, 52 and 80 and in two different profile heights for varying board-to-board distances. In addition, shielded and unshielded versions of all Zero8 connectors will be available in 2020. Finally, an angled version in all pin counts is to be added to the product family. This will make all conceivable PCB configurations possible.

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