How can Zero8 SMT PCB connectors be processed?

The Zero8 PCB connector system is processed using surface-mount technology (SMT) and is therefore soldered directly onto the circuit boards. The  connectors are typically shipped in tape-and-reel packaging, enabling fully automatic pick-and-place processing. Positioning pins on the underside of the Zero8 connectors guarantee exact positioning on the circuit board. ept also guarantees that the contacts’ deviation from coplanarity is max. 0.1 mm to ensure proper soldering during processing.

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How can circuit boards be connected with one another using the Zero8 SMT connectors?

The different types included in the product range of Zero8 connectors make it possible to connect PCBs in parallel arrangements with stack heights between 6 and 20 mm as well as in horizontal or perpendicular arrangements.

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Which currents can be transmitted with the Zero8 PCB connectors?

Thanks to the high-quality copper alloy and its excellent conductance values, up to 1.7 A can be carried at an ambient temperature of 20 °C with a 50-pin connector. These values are typically achieved with PCB connectors with a pitch dimension of min. 1.27 mm.

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What is the highlight of the new connection concept?

Each half of the mating pair (plug or socket) contains both a male and a female contact. This double contacting approach guarantees reliable, gas-tight contacting in industrial environments and is resistant to external influences such as: shock, vibrations, thermocycles, corrosive gases, etc.
Contacting on the roller surface with high-quality finishing guarantees at least 500 mating cycles and reduces abrasion of the surface when exposed to micro-movements.

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What does ScaleX technology stand for?

The ScaleX technology brand describes the scalability of the connector system during application as well as the advantages of the contact technology:

Reliable mechanical and electrical connections thanks to a double-sided contact system

Flexible device design: various numbers of contacts, construction types, and stack heights with a high degree of secure mating

Variability: board-to-board plug connectors in shielded and unshielded versions

Robustness: connecting technology for high levels of tolerance compensation and protection of the contacts

Data rates up to 16 Gbit/s: optionally available with closed shield concept for high EMC protection

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For which data transmission rates are the Zero8 SMT connectors suitable?

Simulations with the Zero8 plug connector system at 16 Gbit/s demonstrate an outstanding level of signal integrity. We can provide you with the S-parameters for your application simulations; please contact us regarding this at sales@ept.de.

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Which applications is the shielded version suitable for?

The shield concept guarantees optimal electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in industrial applications and is suitable for all devices with internal high-speed transmission which are classified as sources of interference and/or interference suppressors:
Frequency inverters, power supply units, UPS systems, electric drives, switching devices, controllers, IO systems, medical devices, measuring technology, communications equipment, network technology, sensors, video transmission devices.

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Will the connection concept of the Zero8 compensate for tolerances in my application?

The newly developed connection concept guarantees a high level of tolerance compensation during installation (angular offset up to 5°, center offset of 0.7 mm) and also compensates for tolerances on the device side of 0.4 mm in the x and z directions and 2.3 mm in the y direction when connected.

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